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The Soul Collective

Aug 24, 2023

In this soul share we connect with Kayce Laine, Musician and Vibrational Sound Healer to explore the journey of going all in on your biggest dreams and passions. We explore Kayce's journey of taking a leap of faith, moving across the country, leaving a job in PR/Marketing to pursue her dream of making music and being of service through vibrational healing. Kayce shares her tips for overcoming doubt and manifesting your dream life. 


  • Finding the courage to follow your heart 
  • Kayce's journey of moving from Brooklyn to Nashville and pursuing her dreams of making music + offering sound medicine 
  • Tips for aligning with your highest timeline and overcoming doubt
  • Magnetizing abundance and dream collaborations 

Kayce Laine is a full-time Certified Sound, Crystal and Reiki Practitioner living in Nashville, TN. As a life-long musician with a Bachelor’s in Music from The University of Virginia, I\Kayce began studying energy work while exploring ways to overcome creative blocks with songwriting. After finding the effects of vibrational healing to be extremely beneficial to her creativity and overall well-being, she undertook formal studies in Crystal, Sound and Usui Reiki Healing. Kayce earned her diploma in Integral Sound Healing with the Sound Healing Academy where she also now serves as an Associate Teacher & Tutor, teaching and training people across the world how to work with the power of sound. 

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