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The Soul Collective

Sep 23, 2019

Alexandra Roxo is a transformational coach, healer, writer, and extraordinarily powerful woman who is bringing personal growth + empowerment through astrology, moon rituals, spirituality, and sexual healing.
In this episode, host Emily Ghosh Harris connects with Alexandra about her own healing journey, what inspired her to help women express their gifts, how doing deep inner work was key to awakening transformation for herself and her clients, and how vulnerability can help to create depth and meaning in life and business. 
After leaving filmmaking full time, Alexandra went on to study shamanic journey practice, sacred intimacy work, and meditation with acclaimed international teachers. Her 15 years of meditation practice and work as a storyteller is what inspired her to create Moon Club as a place to gather for deep sharing and deep practice relating to the internal spiritual journey and having the courage to be seen and heard in the world.
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